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Holladay Construction Co, Inc. is a closely held family corporation, formed for the express purpose of benefitting it’s stockholders, their families, and their employees. Having a desire to be responsible for our own lives and livelihoods we have determined to be prepared not only to take opportunities, but to make them. We have resolved collectively and individually that we shall pursue, without reservation, in a carefully planned and diligently executed manner, the values and principles that we hold dearest while in search of the highest standards of excellence.

Dignity of the individual:

We believe the foundation of any successful organization is its people. We believe in individual responsibility in a team environment, in the intrinsic value of skilled workers, and their right to a secure and rewarding environment where their performance is recognized and acknowledged.


We believe that no organization attains the pinnacle of success by simply doing what is required of them. It is the distance above and beyond the required that we are willing to go, that does, and will separate us from our competition.

Uncompromising Service:

We believe that we are a service oriented company. We seek to provide more than our client anticipates and more than our competition cares to deliver.


We believe in the team approach. That it is our duty to work with our clients as an integral part of their effort, that together we must endow ordinary people with extraordinary determination to achieve team goals.


We believe that we are responsible for our own actions. That our future rests on our ability to perform and that performance remains solely in our hands.


We believe that the industry standard is to run a job; it is our resolution to manage ours. The difference in a highly managed, smoothly run project is in the details. Commitment to our client’s schedule with adequate resources is our obligation.


We believe that to be competitively priced is not enough. That long after the price is forgotten, performance is remembered. It is our determination to offer the highest value to cost ratio available in the market today.


We believe that the key to profitability is to facilitate the success of others. We recognize that our future is intertwined with that of our clients, that we must value their problems and opportunities as our own. We must be interested in their profitability, understanding that it directly relates to our own.

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